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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing which has already started to impact our lives. Autonomous cars, clever web applications which understands user intention from natural text and speech, robots involving in many of our daily tasks is not a dream any more.

To understand and digest AI topics I can simply group the possible AI applications in two big clusters. First cluster is the applications which involve with vision. The other cluster is the speech and text processing applications.

Having intelligence in vision has great number of possible use cases in industry. AI in vision can produce a lot of value for manufacturing. Computer vision is the core part of security, automation, testing and robotics. AI can solve many unsolvable problems in computer vision.

On the other hand, having intelligence in speech and text processing has a lot of possible use cases in text based data analysis. Clever algorithms analysing big amount of data can predict future trends, find solutions in business, be your personal assistant, diagnose illnesses, detect frauds and many many more.

Clever text, speech and image processing has a lot of potential in web based applications. As a consequence, AI is in many high tech companies radar like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. Due to obvious benefits of open source software development model, there are now bunch of open source projects released by these companies.

I have decided to start my adventure in AI with vision path. Vision problems are more well defined. And there are more mature algorithms available. So it is a little bit easier to start with. Also I am more interested in industrial applications of AI. So vision route fits better for me.

I have quickly realised that before delving into AI topics in vision, I have to refresh my math skills and knowledge on computer vision. I have found one good book by Jan Erik Solem on computer vision which explains the topics with practical Python examples. Here is the link for the free version of the book. Next a few posts I plan to share my experience with computer vision while following Solem’s book.

By the way I have decided to use Python programming language for my AI works. Python is my favorite language for software development. Luckily many open source AI projects and libraries are written with or have bindings for Python.